FAQ Warehouse Management

FAQ Warehouse Management

1. How many warehouses can I add? 

There is no limit, you can add as many warehouses you want in the Growth pack and Enterprise pack. However, please note that you can not add warehouses in the Starter pack. 

2. How to add multiple warehouses? 
In the toggle menu navigate to “Masters>>Location Master”. Then click on the “New Location” button. 

Now fill in all the necessary details and click on the “Save Location” button. 

3. How to add Amazon warehouse?

Please follow the process mentioned in this article to add Amazon warehouse. 

4. How to add Flipkart warehouse? 

Please follow the process mentioned in this article to add Amazon warehouse. 

5. Does EasyEcom support third party warehouses?
Yes, please contact us if you want to add a third party warehouse. 

6. Does EasyEcom provide a notification when the inventory is low?

Yes we will notify you when your inventory level is low if you have set the inventory threshold on EasyEcom. 

7. What is Inward Logistics in the Growth plan? 
You will be able to inward your stock quantity in EasyEcom when you receive it at your warehouse. Please refer to this article to create a Purchase Order and GRN for your stock inward. 
8. Does TataCliq use EasyEcom’s Warehouse Management System? 
Yes TataCliq uses EasyEcom’s Warehouse Management System.


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