FAQ Order Processing

FAQ Order Processing

1. Do I need to add dimensions manually?
You should add dimensions manually.  You can give the dimensions in Product Master and then the dimensions will be auto picked.

2. From where does EasyEcom fetch the returned data? 

In the toggle menu, navigate to “Reports>>Returns Report” to find the returns data. 

3. How to mark a pending return as completed? 

In the toggle menu navigate to “Orders>>Returns & Replacements” 

Select the search criteria from the drop-down options and click on the “Search” button. 

Then select the return, provide sellers reason, add inventory quantity number and then click on “Mark as completed”

4.While order processing do I have to input the dimensions manually or is automatically detected?

For single item orders, dimensions are based on the product master. For multiple items order, you will have to enter inputs manually. EasyEcom can define a default dimension if needed for multiple items orders.

5. What is Packing station used for? 

Packing station ensures that your order processing is correct.

6. What happens if I mark a product as Mark RTD?

Once you mark a product as “Mark RTD” a pickup will be generated for your website orders.

7.How will the courier partner know that the product has to be picked up?

For your website orders mark the product as RTD. The marking criteria for marketplace orders can either be based on time slot or TAT. Once you have marked the product as RTD for website orders or fulfilled the marketplace’s marking criteria the courier partner will pick-up your order. 

8. How do I process orders in Batches? 

To order processes in Batch it is mandatory to activate the Batch Order Processing Mode. Once you have activated it follow the process mentioned here.

To know how-to activate batch order processing mode please click here

9. How to find history of orders that are shipped?
In the toggle menu, click on the “Orders” option to view the dispatch history page. 

10. How do I generate labels and invoices for my website orders?

Please refer to this article to generate labels and invoices for website orders. 

11. Will EasyEcom's name be visible on labels and invoices? 

If you don’t want EasyEcom’s branding to be shown in invoice, you can disable it from “Account Settings>>Other Settings”

Please scroll down and click on “Disable EasyEcom Branding from Invoice” option. 

12. What happens if someone processes orders directly from the Flipkart Smart Panel? 

If you directly process orders from the panel it will not be visible in EasyEcom. If you import this order it will be auto synced and will be visible in EasyEcom. 

13. List of scanners and printers compatible with EasyEcom.
Please refer to this article to know which barcode scanners, barcode printer and label printers are compatible with EasyEcom.

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