Creating Order Batches and Pick-list

Creating Order Batches and Pick-list

Step 1: Go to Orders ---------> Order Batches

Step 2: Click on burger and then Create New Batch

Step 3: Add orders to newly created batch

Step 4: You can find the orders which are not added in previous batches, Select the order you want to add in new batch and click on the Add to Batch.

Step 5: To generate picklist click on Picklist




Step 5: Go to Process Orders and enter the batch number 

Step 6: Select the order and confirm


Step 7: Now order moved to Print tab, select the order and click on Print Labels and Print Invoice to download the Labels


Step 8: Go to Generate Manifest 


              Select Marketplace


  Select Courier Service


        Select Order


                   Add Manifest


                Create Manifest

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