Barcode Scanners, Barcode Printer, and Label Printer Compatible with EasyEcom

Barcode Scanners, Barcode Printer, and Label Printer Compatible with EasyEcom

You will be often required to scan the barcodes from our system and print batch order barcodes. 

We recommend the following devices and configurations, 

OS: Windows XP and onwards
OS: Windows 10 (for QZ Tray )
RAM: 4GB Minimum, 8GB Preferred

Browser: Chrome 

Recommended Internet speed: 30Mbps+

HHT(Hand Held Terminal)
1. Zebra
2. Pointmobile
3. iData
4. Newland
5. Honeywell
6. Urovo
7. USB scanners
8. Others : Android mobile camera
9.Miscellaneous: Android 7+ recommended

1. Barcode Printers : Zebra GC420T, Zebra GT820, Zebra GT800
2. Label Printer(4”6”) : Zebra GC420T, Zebra GT820, Zebra GT800
3. Invoice Printer(A4, A5, etc) : HP Laserjet Pro M1005
4.TSC 244 Pro Ideal for all barcode Sizes ( Transfer Thermal )
5.TSC DA 310 ( Compliance by Flipkart ) ( Direct Thermal )

These are recommendations; however, for compatibility verification, kindly forward your list of existing devices to our support team. We will promptly respond upon review.

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