FAQ Masters

FAQ Masters

1. If I create a product in Product Master, does it reflect across all marketplaces?

No it doesn’t reflect across all marketplaces. 

2. How to set taxes at different levels?
You can set tax at three levels: Company level, Category level and SKU level. Please refer to this article to know the process.

3. How to create different shelves and bins?

To create shelves in EasyEcom please follow this process.

4. Can you provide a single Warehouse in the Starter pack?

Yes we support only one warehouse in Starter Pack. However you can't create Shelves in the Starter Pack.

5. Where can I see the catalogue manager? 

To view your catalogue please navigate to “Masters>>Product Master”.

6. How to edit categories in category master?

To edit categories navigate to “Masters>Product Master” and click on the SKU.

After editing the category under “Product Info” section click on the “Update” button.

7. What is the kitting process?

It is a process where a collection of items are grouped together that has its own SKU number. If you have an assembly process and would like to track the Bill of Material (BOM), kitting is the process to do it.

8.How to do kitting?

Please click here to understand the Kitting Process.

9. What are Virtual Combos? 

In a virtual combo, multiple items can be bundled together and offered to the customer. You can either sell all the virtual combo components together or as individual units also. To better understand the difference between virtual combos and physical kits please click here

10. Is it mandatory to fill the UPC code while updating the Product Master . What if I don't have the UPC code?

No it is not compulsory. You can even update the product master template by leaving it blank.

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