Product bundling: Virtual and Physical Bundles

Product bundling: Virtual and Physical Bundles

To compete in the market, retailers very often sell their products in bundles to offer customer benefits and retain them.  
EasyEcom provides two ways to manage the bundling: Virtual bundling and Physical bundling. Let me explain the difference between the two and the benefits of both the approaches.

Virtual Combos

In a virtual combo, multiple items can be bundled together and offered to the customer. For example, offering customers a cold drink and popcorn together or as individual items also. 

Why create Virtual Combos?

  • Removes idle stock

  • Improves your product offerings visibility on the website

  • Boost Sales

How virtual combos work in EasyEcom? 

In EasyEcom, users can create a virtual combo SKU and sell multiple individual SKUs by treating them as a combo component. 

For example, if you are giving a combination offer of toothpaste and a toothbrush, you simply have to create a combo SKU which includes both toothpaste SKU and the toothbrush SKU.You can sell multiple SKUs as a combo by categorizing them as a component. 

The same is explained in the below infographic.

This way you will easily be able to offer combos to your customers without worrying about managing your inventory and going out of stock.


Kitting refers to bundling multiple items into one SKU, and treating it as one single product which will be offered to the customer. 

 Why create Kits?

  • Reduces fulfillment costs

  • Improves warehouse efficiency 

  • Increases order value 

  • Reduces human-error in handling 

How do kits (physical combo) work in EasyEcom? 

If you combine multiple items into the final product SKU, that will fall into the kitting process or physical combo. In this process, we will need to define the components of the combo which is called Bill of Material (BOM). Note that, if you create a Kit, all your SKUs are sold together as one product.

The same is explained in the below infographic.

If you want to learn more on combo handling in Easyecom, please click here to read how to create and view combo SKUs. 

Click here to read how to create a Kit.

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