Creating and Viewing Virtual Combo SKUs

Creating and Viewing Virtual Combo SKUs

In a virtual combo multiple items are bundled together and sold to a customer. 

Retailers often sell their product in virtual combos as it helps them in removing their idle stock in boosting sales. 

Creating combos in EasyEcom will also make it easier for you to manage the inventory. The inventory count will be automatically reduced whenever the combo or any of its components is sold. 

In EasyEcom you can easily create virtual combo SKUs in bulk or one-by-one by following the below-mentioned procedure. 

Creating Virtual Combos in Bulk

Step 1: In the toggle menu, navigate to “Masters>>Combo Master”

Step 2: Create Virtual Combo

On the Combo Master webpage first click on the “Create Combo” button. 

Once you click on it Create Virtual Combo pop-up will appear:

First select "Virtual Combo" radio button, and then click on the “Save Template” button. 

Once you click on it an excel file will be downloaded in your system. 

In this file enter the Parent SKU and its components. 

If there are multiple products then enter “&” after the SKU name and then the SKU quantity. Syntax:  “SKU&Quantity”.  For example,if you have an SKU named GreenBottle in the combo which has 5 quantities, the syntax will be “GreenBottle&5”.

Then click on the “Choose File” option to select this file from your system and then upload it by clicking on the “Upload” button.

Note: Before creating a combo SKU it is important to create a Master SKU of the Parent SKU and all the combo components. Also the tax rate of the combo components needs to be defined beforehand.  Click here to learn tax handling for combo bundles. 

Step 3: View your Virtual Combo

To view your virtual combo first click on the “Download Combo” button. 

Then click on "Virtual Combo" button. 

Once you click on it your Combo’s excel file will be downloaded in your system. 

You have now successfully created a Combo and viewed its components. 

Creating Virtual Combos one-by-one

Step 1: In the toggle menu, navigate to “Masters >> Product Masters”

Step 2: Choose “Add a new Product” option

Once you click on Product Master you will be navigated to the following page:

Click on the “Create Products” button and choose the “Add a new Product” option.

Step 3: Choose “Create Virtual Combo Products” option

Select the “Create Virtual Combo Product” option, and please fill in the necessary details.

Note that you can either select a category from the ones that you have already created from the drop-down option or create a new category by clicking on the "New" button.

On the same page, please mention all your virtual combo components here:

Then click on "Save Product". 

Editing Combo components

In case you wish to make changes in your combo later on, navigate to "Masters>>Product Master", and click on your combo's SKU. 


Once you click on it you will be navigated to the "Product Info" page. 
Here under Child Products category you can add or delete a combo component, and change its quantity listed. 

Then click on the "Update" button.
Please note that, editing combos will only affect the new orders that are entered after the editing is completed.

If you want to know more about product bundling click here

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