Creating a Master SKU in EasyEcom

Creating a Master SKU in EasyEcom

Why create Master SKU?

Master SKU is a unique identification number assigned to your product which is listed across multiple e-commerce channels.  

Suppose you sell a pen on 4 marketplaces, on each marketplace it has a separate SKU. This makes inventory management across all channels a difficult task for retailers. If you create a Master SKU it will map your product SKU across all channels, making it easier for you to track inventory. 

Creating a Master SKU in EasyEcom is an easy process. 

Step 1: In the toggle menu, navigate to “Masters>> Product Master”

Step 2: Choose the “Upload CSV” option

Once you click on Product Master you will be navigated to the following page:

Please click on the “Create Products” button and choose the “Upload CSV” option.


Once you click on it the following pop-up will appear:

Step 3: Download Sample CSV

Once you download the .csv file, update information in the mandatory columns. 

Brand - Give your company brand

Category - Give product type (category of your product )

Model Number and SKU - Give your listings in this column

In the Image URL column, enter the image's web address. 

Step 4: Submit the File

To submit your updated file, please click on the “Choose File” option.

Add your updated file in this, and then click on the “Submit” button. 


You can check your file status by clicking on the “imports job”.

Note: If you don’t want to upload a CSV you can choose the “Add a New Product” option after clicking on the CreateProducts button. 


If you choose the Add a New Product option, you will be navigated to the following page:

Select “Create Single Product” as your Product Category, fill in the required details, and then save it. 


Once you click on the “Save Product” button you will have created a Master SKU for your product. 


You should use the uploading CSV option if you want to create Master SKU for multiple products in bulk. 

If there is a single product or a few products for which you need to create an SKU, choose the latter option. 


The process of adding simple products and variant products is also explained in Adding Simple Products and Variant Products video.

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