How to go Live on EasyEcom?

How to go Live on EasyEcom?

If you are starting with your EasyEcom account for the first time, click here (after going through this onboarding guide) to start your onboarding process. There are 4 easy steps to go Live on the EasyEcom dashboard. 

Step 1: Select your marketplace

Select all the marketplace platforms on which you are currently selling, so that we can integrate all your channels on a single dashboard. 

Then click continue, to proceed to the second step. 

Step 2: Select your StoreFront

StoreFront is an E-commerce website builder that creates the retailer’s online store, and advertises its product/service and generates transactions online.  Storefronts provide a cost-effective way to host an online website and promote your business by running social media marketing campaigns. 

After selecting the marketplaces you sell on, choose the storefronts that you have used to build your website.

Once you select the storefronts, you will be able to connect with them on the EasyEcom dashboard.  

Then click continue, to proceed to the third step.

Step 3: Select your accounting platform

Select the accounting platforms that your business uses. The user can select an accounting platform as per their convenience to sync bills from EasyEcom to their ERP. EasyEcom will auto-generate your invoices, Credit Notes and Purchase orders for all your marketplaces, and will provide you with a consolidated Tax Report for your sales across all channels. 

 Then click continue, to proceed to the fourth step. 

Step 4: Configure your account

Provide us with your company details and click on “Take me to my account”. Once you click on it, you will be able to access your demo account.

In the demo account, EasyEcom provides users with sample data across pages to make it easier for the user to understand how EasyEcom works. There are also links in the Demo Account, which the user can go through to better understand Order Processing, Inventory Management, and how to download Margin Report.
Once you are confident in using it, you can start using your Live Account. 

Setup Account

Before getting started with your Live Account, complete your Setup Account steps, which include Setting up your base currency, connecting your Marketplaces and ERP, and adding your products. 

Click on Setup Account and choose your base currency, from the drop-down option. You can not change your base currency once you confirm. 

To connect your marketplaces, click on the “Connect” button below for the marketplaces that you want to sync with EasyEcom. 

For example, if the user wants to connect to Amazon, he should click on the Connect button, and then provide the necessary details in the pop-up and then click on Connect

 If the user wishes to, they can choose the option of “Create Products Automatically”, to skip the process of Adding Products in the EasyEcom system.

If the user doesn’t select this option, then the products needs to be uploaded manually which have been explained in next step.. 


Once, you click on Start Import button it will lead you the following page:

Click on “Create Products” to add your Product List. 

Read more about Importing Products in bulk or via the CSV importer. 

Now to Connect your ERP, click on the Connect button.

The accounting platform that you have selected will have an “Add” option, click on it, and provide the required details. 

After providing the necessary details click on the “Add Channel” button.

Now that you know the step-by-step process, start onboarding by clicking here

You can also later add more marketplaces, and accounting platforms once you start using your Live Account by going on Account Settings and adding channels. 

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