How to Configure Zones, Bins, Tote, Pigeon Hole? (Bins Master New)

How to Configure Zones, Bins, Tote, Pigeon Hole? (Bins Master New)

The Bins Master is a critical component that allows you to efficiently organize, track, and manage inventory items within physical storage locations. This document serves as a guide to understanding and utilizing the features and functionalities of the Bins Master in EasyEcom.

The forthcoming sections will expound upon the comprehensive features encompassed within the Bins Master module.

  • Configure Bins

  • Configure Zones

  • Map Zones with SKUs

  • Download mapped bins list

  • Configure Pigeon holes

  • Configure Totes Bin zones are of 2 types, Bulk zone & Each zone.

    The bulk zone is for B2B products/UoMs whereas Each zone is for B2C products/SKUs/Eaches.

    Preferred product category means the product category that is preferably shelved in the given shelf/Bin. This helps the system suggest bins during the putaway process.
    1. How to Configure Zons?

  • Step 1: In the navigation bar, navigate to the Masters>>Bins Master

  • Click on Configure zones>>select zone type>>Enter zone name and Priority >> Create

    (You may configure 10 zones per job)

All the configured zones can be viewed in the Zones section (as shown in the image below)

2. How to Configure Bins/Shelves

2. How to Configure Bins?

Step 1: In the navigation bar, navigate to the Masters>>Bins Master

Step 2: Click on “Configure Bins”

You may either create bins in Bulk or manually from UI interface 

  • To Configure bins manually 

Click on the UI interface and fill in the required information

You may configure 10 bins per job

Click "Create"

  1. To configure bins in bulk

Click on the Bulk create (CSV) >> Download template >> Fill in the required details >>Upload CSV >> Complete

  1. Update the existing bins by Bulk Update (CSV)>>Download template>>Upload CSV>> Complete
    You may update the status of the status of bins and lock them in bulk from here.

  • The category IDs in the sheet are formatted as the following example: '123 | 456 | 789'. Each ID should be a numeric value, separated by '|'.
  • Bin Status code & meaning
    • 0 → Bin is not locked
    • 1 → Order assignment is locked for the concerned bin
    • 2 → All bin activities are locked

  1. Action button is available to edit the bin description or product category 

Now you may check all the details of the configured bins in the bins section of the Bins master page

3) Map Zones with SKU

Mapping zones with SKU refers to the process of specific SKUs/Products with predefined physical or virtual zones within your warehouse or storage facility. 

How to map Zones with SKU?

Click on “map zones with SKU” (shown in the image below)

Download template>>Fill in the details in the CSV [SKU and Bin Name(Comma Separated)] >> Upload CSV >> Upload

4) You may download the mapped bins list by clicking on the “Download mapped Bins List” button 

5) Configure Totes 
What is Tote?
A tote is a container used in the warehouse. It's a plastic box small enough to be picked up by hand and easily moved around the warehouse (generally through conveyors for boxes).

How to configure totes?

Click on the "Configure totes"

Fill in the tote names (Give a name to tote)>> Create

Give a tote name>> Create 

All the configured totes can be viewed in the Totes section.

6) Configure Pigeon holes 

Click here to learn more about pigeonholes.

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