Pigeon Hole and Sorting bay/station

Pigeon Hole and Sorting bay/station

What is a Pigeon Hole ?

Pigeon hole : It is a small movable bin with bin id which can contain items. One pigeon hole contains one order and thus it is used for multi-item orders only. If a single item order is found it can be directly given to packer for packing.

People involved in this process

  1. Picker : Picks the items from WH bins and hands over to sorter for sorting into the pigeon holes.
  2. Sorter : A sorter sorts the picked items by order into pigeon holes
  3. Pigeon hole picker : He/She picks the filled pigeon holes and takes them to packing station & empty pigeon holes from packing station back to pigeon hole bay.
  4. Packer : A packer accepts pigeon holes and packs the items


  1. Picker brings in a basket of picks to the sorting bay.

  2. Sorter picks items from this basket and scans the items.

  3. Sorter puts the item in a pigeon hole

  4. System suggests a pigeon hole to the sorter now onwards so as to put the item to the directed pigeon hole.

  5. Sorter puts the item in the pigeon hole and scans the pigeon hole barcode in order to let the system know that the pigeon hole putaway has been done.

  6. Pigeon hole picker picks the filled pigeon holes and gives to packing station.

  7. Packer receives all the items from the completed/filled pigeon hole and scans the pigeon hole.

  8. System generates the invoices and labels for the scanned pigeon hole.

Pigeon hole configuration

Done from Bin Master

Sorting(PH putaway)

Pigeon Hole Picking

  1. Showing list of all Picklist Batches which have atleast 1 pigeon holes is in Filled status.
  2. When entered inside, you see all pigeon holes associated with this batch.
  3. Enter inside to pick the pigeon hole

  4. Scan PH again to confirm the pick

  5. PH statuses : a) Empty b)Partially Filled c) Filled d) Picked

  6. ‘Not picked' and 'Picked PH’ data is the truth and will not change depending on realtime data.

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