FAQ Account Settings

FAQ Account Settings

  1. What are custom fields in other settings?

Custom field allows users to add attributes in their product specifications. In EasyEcom there are two custom fields option: Order Field and Product Field. If you select “Order field”, the field attributes will be visible on your EasyEcom order web-pages also.If you want to add a field only for reporting purposes select “Product field”.

  1. How to sync orders and inventory?

To sync orders and inventory navigate to “Account Settings>>Sync Channels”. 

Click on the “No” button under Orders Active and Inventory Active. Once you click on it the system would change it to “Yes”. 

Your orders and inventory will now be synced. 

  1. If I change the invoice settings in EasyEcom, does it affect Channel invoice?

No it doesn’t affect your Channel Invoice. 

  1. If I add the customer support number, does EasyEcom provide me access to check my customers' feedback and give them solutions?

No, we don't have access to customers’ feedback. 

5. What is the Packing Station Setting? 

If you enable the packing station setting the order items can be scanned. This will ensure that the correct order is processed.

To enable the Packing Station Setting navigate to “Account Settings>>Other Settings” and enable the “Packing Station Setting” option.

6. What is batch order setting? 

It enables the seller to process orders in batches. If you want to process orders in batches navigate to “Account Settings>>Other Settings” and activate the “Batch Order Processing Mode”.  

While processing orders in batches you can also activate the “Packing Station Setting” to ensure that the correct orders are processed. 

7. Can I  add multiple seller accounts to a marketplace like Amazon?

Yes you can add multiple seller accounts to a marketplace. 

8. If I create an invoice in EasyEcom, does it change my Amazon invoice?

No it doesn't change your Amazon invoice.

9. How do I define various user roles?
Please click here to understand the adding and defining user role process. 

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