What is a Digital Product ? How to create it?

What is a Digital Product ? How to create it?

Software Plan : Starter, Growth & Enterprise
Account Type : Seller Account
Inventory Type : Serialized & Non-Serialized

Feature description

A digital product is a good or service that is created, distributed, and consumed entirely in electronic form. For example-  e-books, software applications, online courses, music, and even virtual goods in video games.

Use Cases : 
A customer has purchased a digital gift card to shop online or a customer pay a regular fee (monthly, quarterly, annually) to unlock exclusive benefits within an online store or platform. 

You can add a digital product in 3 ways-
  1. Through User Interface (UI)
  2. Through Import Sheet
  3. Through API


  1. A digital product can be created as a Simple Product, Variant Product and as well as a Combo Product. 
  2. In a Combo, a digital product can be used as a Child Product and must be paired with at least one physical product. In this case, the parent SKU will be the physical product
  3. A digital product cannot be used to create as KIT


Step 1-  In the toggle menu, navigate to Masters>> Product Master

Step 2-  Click on “Create Products” and Choose the “Add a new Product” option

Step 3-  Select “Create Simple Product” as your Product Category and choose the “Material Type” as “Digital Product"

In case of creating a Variant Product, Click on "Variant Product Creation" and fill out the details of the variant. Choose “Material Type” as “Digital Product"

Fill in the other required details, and save it. 

Once you click on the “Save Product” button , a digital product will be created and it will appear in your in products.

How to create a digital product in bulk

Step 1-  Click on “Create Products” and Choose the “Add a new Product” option

Step 2-  A following pop up will appear. Download Sample CSV file

Step 3-  Once you download the .csv file, update information in the mandatory columns. 

Brand - Give your company brand

Category - Mention product type (category of your product )

Model Number - Mention your listings in this column

SKU -  Unique code for the product

Material Type- Mention “Digital Product”

Cost - Mention the cost price of the product

Step 4: Click on “Choose File” to upload the file and click on “Submit”

You can check your file status by clicking on the “imports job”

To create digital product through API

To find the Master products API, Click here. Mention the Material Type as 6 for digital product


  1. Can I create combo of digital product?
    Yes, you can create a combo of digital products. However, the criteria is that the parent SKU should be a physical SKU. Its child SKU can be a digital product, but it must be associated with one physical SKU.

  2. Can I create a kit of digital product?
    No, you cannot create a kit of digital products.

  3. In what forms a digital product can be created?
    A digital product can be created as a Simple Product, Variant Product, and also as a Combo Product.

  4. Can a digital product be mapped with a vendor or a customer?
    No, a digital product cannot be mapped with a vendor or a customer

  5. Can a digital product be mapped with a market place listing?
    Yes, it can be mapped with a marketplace listing however, there will be no inventory against the digital product.

To know about the order processing of digital product, go to How to Process Order with Digital Product

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