Transferring Stock From One Warehouse To Another Warehouse

Transferring Stock From One Warehouse To Another Warehouse

Please follow the below-mentioned process to create a Stock Transfer Note (STN) and transfer stock from one warehouse to another warehouse.

Step 1: In the toggle menu, navigate to “Masters>>Customer Master”

Step 2: Record Bulk Orders

On the Customer Master screen, first click on the “STN Customers” tab. 

Then click on the “Bulk Order Template” option. 

Once you click on it, the Bulk Order Template file will be downloaded in your system. 

In this excel file, please enter the mandatory order details: SKU and quantity. 

Step 3: Add Orders

To add orders, first click on the “Add Orders” button. 

Once you click on it, the  “Add Bulk Orders” pop-up will appear on your screen. 

In case you have entered price also in the “Bulk Order Template” file, tick-mark “Use Price In the Sheet” option. 

Click on “Choose File”, select this file from your system and then click on the “Upload” button. 

Your orders are now added to the system. 

Order Processing

Step 1: Approve Orders

The orders you have added are currently in “Unapproved” stage. 

To approve an order, first navigate to “Orders>>Bulk Orders”. 

Now click on the “View Order” button. 

Once you click on it, “Inventory Check” pop-up will appear on your screen. 

Here enter the confirmed quantity and then click on “Approve Order”. 

Once your order is approved it goes to the “Unassigned Orders” stage. 

Step 2: Assign Orders

To assign orders, first go to the “Unassigned Orders” tab, and click on “View Order”. 

Select location from where the order is being processed. 

Select zone or the stock status. 

Assign shelf to the inventory. 

Then click on “Assign Order”. 

Step 3: Add Shipping Details

To add shipping details, go to the “Pending Shipments” tab, click on the hamburger menu, and select the “Add Shipping Info” option. 

Now enter your shipping details and click on the “Submit” button. 

You have now successfully transferred an order from one warehouse to another. 

Approving Purchase Order

The aggregator can approve the Purchase Order from their respective location by following the below-mentioned steps. 

Step 1: In the toggle menu, navigate to “Inventory>>Purchase Orders”

Step 2: Approving Orders

You need to first view unapproved orders. To do that, select status as “Waiting For Approval” from the drop-down options. 

Then click on “View Details” for the respective Purchase Order that you need to approve. 

Now click on the “Approve” button. 

You can later record the Goods Received Note (GRN) in the system, once the inventory is received at your warehouse. 

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