Importing B2C Orders Manually

Importing B2C Orders Manually

Please follow the below-mentioned process to import your B2C orders in EasyEcom.

You can either import and process B2C orders one-by-one or in bulk.  

Importing  Orders One-by-One

Step 1: Select "Create Order"
On your EasyEcom dashboard, click on the "+" icon and select "Create Order" option. 

Once you click on it you will be redirect to the Create Order section. 
Step 2: Select "Retail Order"
Here select "Retail Order" option from the Select Order Type drop-down options. 

Step 2: Enter necessary information
First enter your customer's contact details and billing address. 

Then click on the "Save" button. 
You can later edit these details if required. 
After entering customer contact details, enter the Order ID in reference number, select order date and shipping date, and select payment mode from the drop-down options. 

Now enter the SKU codes of all the products ordered. 

In case there are multiple products, you can upload them in bulk. 
Click on the "Import Products in Bulk" option and then download bulk product template file.

In this template file, enter the SKU codes, order quantity, and price in this excel file. 

Then upload it to EasyEcom by clicking on the "Upload File" button. 
In case you are adding products directly from the system, all the items added to your order will be visible on the "Create Order Section". 

Here enter the product price, discount offered and shipping charges amount. 
Then click on the "Create Order" button. 

Importing  Orders in Bulk

Step 1: In the toggle menu, navigate to “Orders>>Importing Wizard”

Step 2: Download EasyEcom Order Format

On the Importing Wizard section, click on the “Download EasyEcom Order Format” option. 

Once you click on it, the EasyEcom Order Excel file will be downloaded in your system. 

Step 3: Enter necessary information

To help you easily understand what order details you need to enter, we have feed sample data in this excel file. 

The mandatory fields are:  

Channel Name

Sale Order Item Code

Display Order Code

Total Price

Packet Number 


Item SKU Code 

Shipping Pincode

Shipping Address
Shipping State
Payment mode

Please note that you need to enter the Sub-Order Number in the “Sale Order Item Code” column and the Order ID in the “Display Order Code” column. Also the total price will include tax amount. 

You can also enter other shipping details, customer name in “Shipping Address Name” column, contact details and address. 

Once you have filled in all the necessary details, save this file in your system. 

Step 4: Upload file 

To upload your file, first select the date range and marketplace from the drop-down options. 

Then click on the “Next” button”. 

Once you click on it “Import Orders” tab will be opened. 

Here, un-tick the “Auto-Fetch” option and select “EasyEcom” from “Import through Sheet Format” drop-down option. 

Once you select the EasyEcom channel, the “Modal Header” pop-up will be visible on yoru screen. 

If you want to process orders using EasyEcom select “Mark All Orders As Open” option. 

If you are not processing orders using the system, but want to manage inventory using EasyEcom select the “Deduct Inventory To All The Orders” option. 

If you want to record shipped orders status in the system without deducting the inventory, do not select either of the options. 

Click on the “Choose File” button, and select the order excel file you want to upload to EasyEcom. 

Then click on the “Submit” button. 

You can check the order status from the “Imports Job”. 

Your orders are now imported to EasyEcom. 

You have now successfully added B2C Orders one-by-one and in bulk. 

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