Tally FAQ

Tally FAQ

  1. Showing error as “Voucher no. already exists”.
            -This means an Invoice with the same voucher number is already present in your Tally ERP. This situation arises either due to two cases.
  1. Either you might have already synced the same invoice previously and are trying to Sync again.

  2. Or same voucher no have already been assigned to another order. In this case, try changing the invoice no, for this order and sync again.

      2. Error “Vouchers total does not match”.

            - Such type of error will occur if the A/c SKU and A/c unit have not been updated in EasyEcom panel for that SKU/Products. In                   this case, kindly update the A/c SKU and Unit and try to sync again.
      3. Error as “Stock item does not exist”.
            -This error pops-up if the A/c SKU or Unit which is provided in EasyEcom for that product is not present in your Tally ERP. In this                 case, make sure that it is present and try to sync again from EasyEcom.
      4. Error showing as “C
            - This error pops-up if the Tally company where you are trying to sync your invoice is not opened in your Tally. In this case, please                make sure that the correct company is opened in your Tally. If possible, try restarting Tally and try to sync again.

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