Mark Return via Gate Entry and QC Process

Mark Return via Gate Entry and QC Process

Return management encompasses a series of steps to handle returned goods efficiently. The process ensures that returned items are properly tracked, inspected, and either restocked or disposed of, depending on their condition. This includes gate entry and quality check processes, which are crucial for maintaining inventory accuracy.

Steps for the Gate Entry Process
Step 1: Navigate to the toggle Menu>> Returns>> Create Gate Entry

Step 2: Select B2C Gate Entry

Step 3: Fill in the required details 
(Please note: the asterisk (*) marked details are mandatory)
Step 4: Submit
The Gate entry is completed and you will be redirected to the following page, select the return criteria, and scan the ID of the selected criteria.
(Note: This criteria (Order no./ Forward AWB/ Reverse AWB) will be used later in the process, please make sure to select a criteria that is available at your convenience)

Alternatively, you can manually click the action button associated with the gate entry ID to start scanning. 

Step 5 After scanning the document ID, you may either choose manual POD validation (Complete Scan and Start POD validation) or auto POD validation (Complete scan without POD validation).
POD: Proof of Delivery (POD) is a document that serves as written evidence of the proper delivery of a shipment. The carrier issues the document, which must be acknowledged by the recipient to confirm the correct delivery of the goods.

Complete Scan without POD Validation-
When this method is chosen, the system will auto-verify all the scanned AWB with that Proof of Delivery receipt skipping the manual validation process, and populate an alert that you are proceeding without POD Validation. 
Provide your consent by clicking  "I Agree" and "Proceed" to Continue

Complete Scan and Start POD Validation-
When the POD validation is started, you will have to scan the POD data ( viz. the Order No./Reverse AWB/Forward AWB that has been selected and scanned as criteria in step 4 above)
Step 6. Click on the complete POD validation step to download the "Return Manifest Document".

Now the status of Gate Entry process is closed.

1. New
The gate entry ID/Batch ID is created
2. In Progress
Scanning and manifestation are in progress
3. Closed
Manifestation completed
4. QC Started
Quality Check process is in progress
5. QC Completed
Quality Check process complete

By clicking on the action button, you may "View scanned data" and "download manifest"

Sample Return Manifest Document 

If you scan a Packet number that is available in POD but missing physically, those packet numbers will be visible on the manifest document as shown below.

To perform the Quality Check (QC) activity for received returns, follow these steps:
Step 1. Navigate to the toggle menu >> Returns>>QC returns detail
Step 2. Click on "Start QC"

Step 3: Scan Gate Entry ID/Batch ID

Step 4. Scan Packet number (packet number is the criteria that has been selected and scanned at the time of Gate Entry ( it can be Order number/ reverse AWB/ forward AWB)

Step 5. Scan EAN/SKU/Serial
For serialized accounts, the system will show an option to show the available serials, you may regenerate the serial, stick that to the product and proceed.

The scanned data will be populated on the screen, showing the details of the QC pending SKUs.

Step 6. Scan all the QC pending SKUs

Note: To mark the item QC failed, select the reason, capture or upload image, and click on upload.

Step 7. Click on "QC complete"

The QC-passed items will be moved for putaway.
Click here to learn about the Putaway Process in EasyEcom
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