Recording Return to Vendor (RTV) Adjustments in EasyEcom

Recording Return to Vendor (RTV) Adjustments in EasyEcom

You can easily record Return-to-Vendor adjustments  in EasyEcom one-by-one or in bulk. 

Recording RTV one-by-one

Step 1: In the toggle menu, navigate to "Inventory>> Inventory Adjustment"


Step 2: Click on "Create Manual Adjustment" 


Click on the hamburger menu and select “Create Manual Adjustment” option. 





Step 3: Select "Return to Vendor" Adjustment and “Vendor” 

Once you click on the Create Adjustment the following pop-up will appear: 



Here under "Select Type" click on "Return To Vendor" option and select a vendor from the drop-down options. 


Then click on the "Save" button. 


Once you click on it the system will generate a batch. 



Step 4: Click on "Details"

Once your Return to Vendor batch is created in the system,  click on "Details". 




Step 5: Enter necessary details 


Once you click on Details, the Batch details pop-up will appear. 

Here enter the SKU you want to return and select ``Returned to Source” as the “New Status”. 


Step 6: Click on "Complete"



Now click on the "Complete" button. 



Once you click on it you batch will be updated. 


You have now successfully recorded RTV adjustment

Recording RTV Adjustments in Bulk

Step 1: Click on "Bulk Adjustment" 


Click on the hamburger menu and select the “Bulk Adjustment” option. 



Step 2: Select "Return To Vendor" option



Select "Return to Vendor" option and download the bulk template file. 


Step 3: Record necessary details 

In the excel file record RTV details and save the file. 



Step 4: Upload File

Click on "Choose File" to upload your file. 

Then click on "Submit". 



You have now successfully recorded RTV adjustments in bulk.

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