Packing station for B2C

Packing station for B2C

Packing station:
The packing station is a place where the products are checked and packed before shipping. The station contains all kinds of materials that are required for packing. Packing stations are sometimes customizable according to the needs of the packer. 

In this guide, we have explained the process that takes place in the packing station.

Step 1 : Select Account settings from the meatball menu.

Go to -> Other settings 

Check whether “Batch order processing mode” and “Packing station setting” for B2C is enabled. If not, please enable those.

Step 2: In the toggle menu, navigate to “Orders >> Order Batches”

Step 3: Start processing

If the order is not created, use the hamburger menu to create a new order.

If the order is already present, click on the “Start Processing” button.

Step 4: Confirm order

The packer should select the orders that are to be processed further and click “Confirm” to confirm the order. 

Step 5: Packing station

Click on “Packing station” from the “Print tab”.

The order should be confirmed if it is in the unconfirmed state. 

We need to scan the SKU, if the SKU field is present and we have to scan the serial no., if the serial no. field is present. We also support Product EAN scan.

For B2C orders, the packer has to scan each and every item.

The information of all items belonging to that batch will appear on this page.

Once enter is pressed, the file will be sent to the printer and notification of the message appears.

Information about shipping labels and invoices will be printed 

Finally, the order gets moved to the “Ready to Dispatch” tab.

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