Order tagging settings (Order import based on pincodes)

Order tagging settings (Order import based on pincodes)

Order tagging settings:

This settings helps you to customise order importing from marketplace to EasyEcom by filtering pincodes. You can enter a list of pincodes and only for those pincodes, orders will be imported to EasyEcom.

NOTE: This setting is only available for Shopify, Magento and Woo Commerce.


STEP 1: On the dashboard, click on the “Three dots aka meatball menu” and go to account settings:

STEP 2: Click on 'Sync Channels'

STEP 3: Click on “Order Settings”

STEP 4: Click on download template. An excel file will be downloaded. Enter all the pincodes that you want EasyEcom to import orders from marketplace.

STEP 5: Upload the excel file back by clicking on “Upload”

STEP 6: Click on ‘Update Settings’ to save the changes.

Once you save the changes, all the new orders imported in EasyEcom will be according to the the pincodes uploaded by you. Orders which have pincode different from the list, those orders will not be imported in EasyEcom.

How to clear/edit the settings:

Click on 'Clear Settings' to reset it to default.

If you want to edit the pincodes list, upload a new excel file.


In the history section, you can see all the past activities of this setting along with user details.

To see which pincodes you uploaded earlier, click on ‘Pincode’. An excel file will be downloaded that contains the list of pincodes.

Error cases while uploading the pincode:
EasyEcom will accept all the numbers which are in 6 digits. 
If you entered anything invalid (example abc123), it will give you an error.

Case 1:
You entered a few invalid pincodes in excel file and uploaded it. Only the pincodes which are valid will be taken into consideration and rest will be ignored. (Example: you entered 1234567; abcsds; 12345; 123456. In this case, EasyEcom will take 123456 and ignore all others).
Your file will be uploaded but you will get an error like this-

Case 2: 
All of the pincodes you entered are incorrect. In this case, you will get below error-

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