Marking orders as “Handover” to carrier partner

Marking orders as “Handover” to carrier partner

There can be delay between creating manifest and physical handover to the carrier partner. To help you track the customer orders that the carrier partner has picked, the system now provides you with the functionality to mark orders as “Handover” .

Please follow the below-mentioned process to mark orders as “Handover” to the carrier partner. 

Step 1: In the toggle menu, navigate to “Orders >> Dispatch History” 

Step 2: Set time duration

On the “Dispatch History,” screen set the manifest time duration and click on “Submit”. 

Step 3: Click on “Start Handover”

To mark manifested orders as “Handover” to carrier partner click on “Start Handover”. 

Step 4: Handover Process

Let us assume there are 3 orders in a manifest. 

In case you want to only mark 1 order as handover, you can either select that order or enter its AWB number. 

Then click on the “arrow” button.

You can now mark this order as Handover by clicking on “Mark above as Handover” 

To help you easily mark orders as handover in case of large order volume, the system provides you with an option to mark handover on both sides. 

For example, if there are 400 orders in a single manifest and you want to handover 388 orders. You can move two orders to the right side and mark the handover for the remaining 388.

Note that, once you mark the order as handover to carrier partner, the order status on “Order Tracking” section will change to “HandOver”. 

For your reference, handover timestamps are recorded in the Sales Report. 

Please note that this feature is currently available for SelfShip orders only.

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