Loyverse POS Integration with EasyEcom

Loyverse POS Integration with EasyEcom

Loyverse POS manages the retail transactions of brick-n-mortar stores. For traditional retailers, Loyverse is a good software tool to manage their transactions and keep a check on their inventory. 
Let’s say a retailer owns offline stores where they sell multiple product categories and maintain a large inventory count, handling their transactions, and managing inventory on Loyverse POS alone can be easily managed.
However, when the retailer starts listing his products on marketplaces and storefronts, maintaining the inventory count will become difficult.

When your inventory count is not accurate, you will not be able to plan your inventory purchase timely and accurately and thereby increase the chances of stock-outs. This in the long run will reduce your sales, and affect customer satisfaction. 

This means keeping an accurate inventory count is essential, but doing this for a single product is a difficult task. Imagine doing this for multiple products now. 

EasyEcom’s inventory management system can help you solve this problem. 

To effectively manage your inventory, EasyEcom will pull your product list into its system and keep an inventory count of your SKUs.  You can manually also enter your inventory data, however, we will suggest you let the EasyEcom system pull in the inventory data also, to avoid the chances of manual errors.

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