Inventory Threshold

Inventory Threshold

Why should you have an Inventory threshold? 

Inventory threshold is the inventory quantity at which EasyEcom will send you an alert so that inventory planning can be done timely. This will enable you to plan your stock purchase so that the product is always available to your customer. 

Please follow the below-mentioned procedure to add the inventory threshold. 

Step 1: In the toggle menu, navigate to “Masters>>Product Master”

Step 2: Click on the “Cloud” button

Once you click on Product Master you will be navigated to the following page:

Here click on the “Cloud” Button.

Once you click on it, the following pop-up will appear on the web page:

Step 3: Download Product List

Click on the “Export” button and download the Product List. ‘Product List’ is an excel file.

Step 4: Add Inventory Threshold

On the “Product List” excel sheet, mention your inventory threshold for each SKU. 

Once the inventory threshold is reached, EasyEcom will send an alert to you. Let’s say your inventory threshold is 1000 for an SKU, so when you reach that inventory level on any given day, EasyEcom will automatically email you the Inventory Threshold file and alert you so that you can plan your stock purchase. 

Please note that you need to enable "Send Inventory Threshold Mail" option from "Account Settings >> Other Settings" .

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