Inventory Planning by Days Report

Inventory Planning by Days Report

What is the “Inventory Planning by Days” Report?

The "Inventory Planning by Days" report is a comprehensive analysis that provides data to help plan the inventory using historical data over a specified time period. This report is designed to assist in optimizing inventory levels(inventory planning ) based on the number of orders and the existing available inventory within the system. 

The report allows users to choose a specific time frame, typically in days, to analyze and plan for inventory. This could be a daily, weekly, or monthly breakdown, depending on the business needs. It displays the current status of the inventory, showcasing the available quantity of each product.

How to get the Inventory Planning by Days Report ?

Step 1- In the toggle menu, please navigate to the Report >> Report Dashboard

Step 2- In Warehouse and Inventory Reports, click on Inventory Planning by Days

>>The following page will open 

Step 3: Enter the Number of days (Max 31) you want data for.

Step 4: Submit

You may also search specific SKUs from the search bar. 

The following parameters are present in the Inventory Planning by Days Report 

  • Brand 

  • Model

  • Category 

  • Image

  • SKU

  • Total Quantity Ordered

  • Current Available Inventory 

  • Quantity to be ordered

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