Inventory Ledger Report / Inventory Reconciliation

Inventory Ledger Report / Inventory Reconciliation

What is inventory ledger report ?

The Inventory Ledger report is like a bank statement for a warehouse inventory. It provides end-to-end inventory reconciliation capability by showing your starting inventory balance, received Inventory, customer orders, customer returns, adjustments, removals, and ending balance for the warehouse. EasyEcom shows data for the available inventory

How to get inventory ledger report 

Step 1: In the Toggle Menu, Please Navigate to Reports >> Inventory Report >> Inventory Ledger Report

Step 2: Select Start and End Date as per your requirement.

Step 3: Enter SKU and then click on the “Submit” button

You will get the following count on screen 

  • Opening Inventory (in selected date range)

  • GRN done (Inventory inward in selected date range)

  • Sales Count (The quantity sold in the selected date range)

  • Reuters Count (The quantity that got return after sales in the selected date range)

  • Adjustment (If any quantity got adjusted via Inventory Adjustment)

  • Closing Inventory (in selected date range)

To get the detailed data report of GRN, Sales Count, Return count and Adjustment, you may download the CSV by clicking the download action button (highlighted in the snap below)

Following is the data available in the CSV

  1. GRN

  1. Adjustment

  2. Sales Count

  3. Returns Count 

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