Inventory Forecasting and Planning

Inventory Forecasting and Planning

Inventory forecasting and planning are important for all retail companies especially in the field of eCommerce. It helps brands in reducing their storage costs, more efficient production planning, reduces non-sellable stock, increases customer satisfaction, etc.

EasyEcom’s inventory forecasting and planning is a very easy process for retailers like you, which will help you in improving your business operations and increasing customer satisfaction.

EasyEcom benefit:

  1. Our inventory aging report identifies stale inventory. Once you have identified this, you can plan seasonal sale offers to free up your working capital occupied in this stock.

  2. You can plan your inventory based on multiple e-commerce platforms and brick-n-mortar stores combined.

  3. EasyEcom offers you flexibility in planning your inventory, based on different time frames, such as sales velocity during holidays, seasonal sales, etc. 

  4. EasyEcom will send you alerts, at inventory reorder points, so that you never go out of stock.

  5. If required, backorders can now be accepted and new purchase orders can be created for the respective vendors again. 

Once your inventory forecast is prepared in advance, you can work on your Purchase Planning and Purchase Orders using EasyEcom.

With proper demand planning, brands have experienced a 98% decrease in their stock-outs and 85% improvement in overstocking errors.

To know more about the importance of Inventory Forecasting and how EasyEcom can help your business with it  read this

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