Integrating Magento-1 panel with EasyEcom panel..

Integrating Magento-1 panel with EasyEcom panel..

Please follow the following steps to integrate your Magento-1 panel with EasyEcom panel

Step 1:- Login to your Magento-1 panel through your login URL.

Step 2:- Navigate to SYSTEM option.

Step 3:- In System option click on WEB SERVICES -> SOAP/XML-RPC-ROLES.

Step 4:- Click on ADD NEW ROLE.

Step 5:- Enter Role Name as EasyEcom then enter your admin password.

Step 6:- Click on ROLE RESOURCES.


Step 8:- Again navigate back to SYSTEM. Click on WEB SERVICES -> SOAP/XML-RPC-Users.

Step 9:- Click on ADD NEW USER option.

Step 10:- Fill the following details.

Note:- The user name specified here should be mentioned in User name field of EasyEcom panel and API Key should be enter in Password field in EasyEcom panel.

Step 11:- Click on USER ROLE and then enter EasyEcom in Role name option and then save.

Step 12:- Login to EasyEcom panel.

Step 13:- Click on ADD CHANNELS.

Step 14:- Select Magento and fill the details in the respective fields.

Note:- User name should be same as the user name mentioned in Magento(STEP 10) and password will be the API key mentioned in Magento(STEP 10).

Step 15:- Click on Magento-1.

Step 16:- Fill the details in respective fields.

NOTE:- APP ID must be followed by /api/v2_soap/?wsdl=1.

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