Integrating cloudtail B2B with EasyEcom

Integrating Cloudtail B2B with EasyEcom

By following the below-mentioned procedure you can easily integrate Amazon Cloudtail B2B with EasyEcom.

Step 1: On the dashboard, click on the “Three dots aka meatball menu”

Step 2: Click on the “Account Settings” option

Once you click on the meatball menu, you will see the following fly-out menu:

Here click on the “Account Settings” option. 

Step 3: Click on “Add Channels”

Once you click on Account Settings you will be navigated to the following page:

Here click on “Add Channels”.

Step 4: Select Marketplace: “Cloudtail B2B”

Once you click on “Add Channels” you will be navigated to the following page:

Here please click on the “Cloudtail B2B” button. 

Once you click on it the following pop-up will appear:

Step 5: For your Warehouse ID

Sign in to your Amazon Vendor Central account, and navigate to “Settings>>Warehouse Settings”.

Now copy your Warehouse Code. It is mentioned under the Warehouse Name column. 

Now click on the “Add Channel” button in EasyEcom. 

Please share your Warehouse ID/Location ID with EasyEcom Support Team. 

Step 5: Integrating your Amazon Cloudtail Listings in EasyEcom

-To import your product listing, first navigate to “Inventory>>Manage Listings”. 

Here click on the “Import Listing” button. 

-Then click on the “Download Template Sheet” button.

Once you click on it Generic Listings Import Excel file will be downloaded in your system. 

Mandatory fields in this file are SKU, Listing Reference Number, and Identifier

Enter your Vendor SKU Code in SKU and Listing Reference Number column. 

Enter your ASIN  in the Identifier column.

Select your marketplace as “Cloudtail B2B”. 

Click on the “Choose File” button and select the Generic Listings Import File from your system. 

Then click on the “Upload” button. 

Step 6: Map your Products with EasyEcom 

Follow the manual mapping process to map your Vendor Central Dropship products with EasyEcom. 

You have now successfully integrated Cloudtail B2B with EasyEcom. 


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