How to view EasyEcom Dashboard ?

How to view EasyEcom Dashboard ?

To help you keep your business information on tips and enhance business decision-making, the upgraded dashboard gives you a quick overview of daily operations, high-selling products, and system alerts, if any. 

Here’s all that the dashboard elements/records: 

  1. Gross Revenue: Gross revenue earned on the day of viewing, along with a graphical representation of weekly revenue

  2. Order details: Orders received on the day of viewing, along with a graphical representation of weekly order volume. Order details at the sub-order level are also provided to improve the information visibility of warehouse users 

  3. Returns: Returns marked on the day of viewing, along with a graphical representation of total weekly returns to timely identify increased returns, if any

  4. Distinct SKUs Sold: Total products sold on the day of viewing, along with a comparison of total products sold a day prior

  5. Pending Orders: Customer orders that are not assigned inventory on the day of viewing, along with a comparison of total pending orders a day prior

  6. Average Order Value: Average order value on the day of viewing, along with a comparison of average order value a day prior. This helps you track significant increase and/or decrease in average order volume. 

  1. SLA Breached: Total SLA breached orders on a particular day to identify hikes in SLA breaches, along with real-time insights on orders that will breach SLA limit in the next 1 hour, 2 hours, and 4 hours to ensure the orders are processed on priority.

  1. Order Vs Revenue: Graphical representation of monthly revenue earned and total orders to compare total revenue earned and sales made in a month. 

  1. Category-wise Sales and Top Products: Track top-performing and low-performing products on a regular basis to make data-driven business decisions like purchases, increasing marketing spend on a product, etc. 

  1. Account Health and Alerts information: System alerts such as unmapped SKUs and marketplace integration issues will be highlighted, enabling your team to take necessary actions and prevent operational bottlenecks.

Note that the dashboard currently shows data at the warehouse level. 

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