How to Edit Customer Details including Address and Phone No. in an order

How to Edit Customer Details including Address and Phone No. in an order

You may sometimes have to edit your order details like Customer Name, Address, Pincode. 

To edit these details please follow the below-mentioned process.

Step 1: In the toggle menu, navigate to “Orders>>Returns & Replacements”

Step 2: Enter Order ID 

Now select Search Criteria: “Order Number” from the drop-down options, and then enter the Order Number. 

Now click on the “Search” button.

Please note that only orders in the “New Order” Stage can be edited. 

Step 3: Click on “Suborder Number”

Now click on the “Suborder Number”. 

Step 4: Edit Customer’s Shipping Address Details

Once you click on it, you will be navigated to the Order Overview page. 

Here click on the “Ship To” edit icon. 

Once you click on it Customer’s Shipping Address pop-up will be visible on your screen. 

To edit your Customer Details, first click on the “Edit” button. 

Then make the required changes and then click on the “ Submit” button. 

You have now successfully edited Customer Details in your order. 

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