Edit and Lock a Lot

Edit and Lock a Lot

Step 1: In the toggle menu, navigate to Inventory >> Lot Locking & Edit

Step 2: Scan/Search the Lot (Batch)
The following fields will be visible on the screen
Field Name
Batch Code
Name of the lot/batch
SKU present in the lot
Manufacturing date of the SKU
Expiry date of the SKU
Days to Expiry
Number of days remaining to expiry (it's only visible days to expiry field is set during lot configuration)
Maximum retail price of the SKU
Item Qty 
Available inventory in the batch/lot
Batch Status
Edit the lot/batch

Step 3: You may lock or unlock a batch/lot by clicking the current status of the batch/lot. This action will toggle the status between locked and unlocked.
Please note that inventory assignments will be prohibited from batches that have been locked. This is to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the inventory data. It’s important to unlock the batches first if you need to make any assignments from them.

  1. The cases that may occur when you want to lock a batch and the inventory of the SKU is assigned to orders:
    1. Case 1 - Order Status: Assigned If the order status is ‘Assigned’ and you attempt to lock the batch, the system will unassign the inventory from the order and move it to the available quantity. Consequently, the order status will change to ‘Pending’.
    2. Case 2 - Order Status: Confirmed/Printed/Ready to Dispatch If the order status is either ‘Confirmed’, ‘Printed’, or ‘Ready to Dispatch’ and you attempt to lock the batch, the system will move the reserved/picked quantity to the questionable quantity. As a result, the order will be moved to ‘Hold Orders’.

  1. When you attempt to un-hold the order, the system will display a pop-up notification indicating that the batch is locked. This serves as a reminder to unlock the batch before proceeding with order operations.
The batch status is also displayed on the ‘Manage Inventory’ page
Path- Inventory>>Manage Inventory >>View details>> Batch code (Status)

The status of a batch can be either locked or unlocked, and this status can be changed as needed directly from this page

To modify the manufacturing date, expiry date, and MRP of a lot, follow these steps:
  1. Click on the Action button associated with the lot you want to edit.
  2. Make the necessary changes to the manufacturing date, expiry date, and MRP fields.
  3. After making the changes, click on the Update button to save them.
Please note that the ‘Days to Expiry’ field can only be viewed and edited if it is set during the lot configuration process.
These changes will be reflected immediately in the lot details. Always ensure to review the changes before clicking on the Update button.

To enable the lot management feature for your account, please contact the EasyEcom support team.

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