How to Create Pending Returns ?

How to Create Pending Returns ?

Follow the following steps to create the pending returns for which the physical delivery to the warehouse location is expected in the future.

Step 1- Click on the "+" icon and select, "Create Pending Return"

Step-2 Download Template

Fill in the details- 
Order Number* - Order ID of the pending return order
Parent SKU*- Parent SKU of a Combo
Child SKU* - Component SKU of a Combo
(In the case of simple SKU, Parent SKU and Child SKU will be the same)
Return Quantity*- Quantity to be returned
Return Initiated Date*- Date of initiation of return (DD-MM-YYYY)
Return Reason* - Reason of return
Return Type* - Courier return/Customer return
Return AWB* - Return AWB number
Return Carrier Name*- Return Carrier name 
Return Id - Marketplace Reference identifier if any (optional)
Marketplace Return Date - Date of return from marketplace (optional)
[All the asterisk (*) marked details are mandatory]

Step 3- Upload CSV

The uploaded details will be shown in the Pending Returns Report
(Path- Reports>>Pending return report)

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