How does EasyEcom work?

How does EasyEcom work?

As soon as you sign-up your account with EasyEcom and Integrate all your channels you will be amazed to see how EasyEcom can make your operations very much simple and stressless. It helps you to perform activities related to the Order process, Stock update, etc from EasyEcom tool without even logging to your online marketplaces/Storefront.

Upon channel integration, all the products which are listed in these channels will be pulled to the EasyEcom system. On Updating the stock of these products, it will be synced to all the integrated platforms. Now suppose if an order comes from any one of the platforms, the stock would be reserved for that order and the remaining quantities will be updated again to all the channels. This cycle will be repeated again and again until your physical stock of any SKU becomes zero in EasyEcom. By syncing your product stock on real-time bases, across all channels we help businesses in managing inventory and purchase planning.  

EasyEcom also makes accounting easier for businesses.  Once you integrate your channels on our platform, EasyEcom makes handling business invoices a painless process. Businesses can easily view and download their invoices, for any time duration of their choice for either a particular marketplace or all marketplaces at a single click. It is that simple.  Our integrations with all major ERP software enables businesses to import their sales orders, returns and payment receipts at a click.  EasyEcom automates business’s invoicing and tax calculation process, which makes it significantly simpler for businesses to manage their accounting without handling multiple ERP tools and spreadsheets.

In short, EasyEcom integrates a business’s Accounting, Financial and Inventory systems, which makes communication between these information systems seamless. This helps brands to adapt to the new business environment where information needs to be shared rapidly, and eventually drives customer satisfaction and growth. 

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