FAQ Shipping

FAQ Shipping

1. Is there a list of EasyEcom’s Shipping Integrations?

We integrate with all major courier partners. We also integrate with ship aggregators like ShipRocket, VamaShip etc. Please visit our Shipping Integrations page to get a complete list. 

2. What are API Tokens?
API tokens are the access token required in integrating with carrier partners. These are generated in the courier partner’s portal.

3. Can I do a bulk update of PIN codes for shipping partners?
Yes you can upload PIN codes in bulk. First go on “Masters>>Carrier Master”. Then click on the “Existing Pincodes Coverage” button. 

Once you click on it this excel file will be downloaded in your system:

Provide the mandatory information and then click on the “Choose File” button. Select this file from your system and then “Upload” it.  

4. Can EasyEcom provide integration for two accounts of ShipRocket and VamaShip?
Yes we will provide you with two accounts of ShipRocket and VamaShip if required. 

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