Download Daily Inventory Snapshot in EasyEcom

Download Daily Inventory Snapshot in EasyEcom

EasyEcom provides you with a detailed auto-generated inventory snapshot daily at 11 pm.

This makes inventory tracking on a daily basis a simple task for sellers. 

To download your daily inventory snapshot please follow the below-mentioned process.

Step 1: In the toggle menu, navigate to “Orders>>Importing Wizard”

Step 2: Click on “Track Progress and download File”

On the Importing Wizard screen, click on the “Track Progress and download File” button. 

Step 3:  Select “inventorySnapshotHistory” 

Now select “inventorySnapshotHistory” report from the drop-down options. 

Step 4: Download Report

Download your daily inventory snapshot by clicking on “Download CSV”. 

Once you click on it, you will get access to your daily inventory snapshot’s excel sheet. 

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