Disputed Returns Dashboard

Disputed Returns Dashboard

The disputed return dashboard helps to track down all the orders which are on return disputed status.

How to navigate to the dashboard:

Go to the navigation menu > reconciliations >disputed return dashboard


A) Select the date range and channel for which you want to see the return orders.

B) Select the dispute reason:

There are five dispute reasons which you can select: 

1. Return not delivered:
The orders which have been delivered as per the marketplace but have not yet been marked as returned in EasyEcom will be shown under this status.

2. QC Fail return:
The orders which have been marked as returned in EasyEcom but are in QC fail status will be shown under this status.

3. Pending return > 15/30/45 days:
This will display the orders for which the return is initiated but has not been received (not marked as returned in EasyEcom) for more than 15/30/45 days.

C) Submit: Once you click on submit, you will be able to see the orders.

Each row is expandable which allows you to view additional details of the order.

You can download the above data in an Excel file from the "Download CSV Report" option-

D) Action buttons:

You can record the claims from the marketplace and mark the order as resolved-

1. Mark resolved: 
If you think there is no issue with the order or the claim has already been received, you can mark such order as resolved. Once you mark it as resolved, that order will not be shown on the dashboard anymore.

2. Record claim ID: 
If you have raised the claim from the marketplace, you can enter those details under this section. You can also attach the supporting documents for the claim-

Once you upload the files and save it, you can refer to those uploaded attachments from the "Order ref material" section-

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