Defining Inventory % to be exposed from EasyEcom across Portal

Defining Inventory % to be exposed from EasyEcom across Portal

Step 1:- Go to Inventory→ Listings→ Mapped Listings panel.

Step 2:- Kindly search the inventory for which you want to split inventory by percentage via search option provided at the top left corner of the page.

Step 3:- Once the SKU search has been completed, fill the inventory percent and select the rounding type configuration against marketplace for which the SKU needs to be configured. Once done, kindly click on Update.

      ***If you want quantity above percentage quantity select “Round up” or else select “Round Down”. For example, if you set the percentage factor as 50% and the total quantity is 19 in EasyEcom then 50% of 19 equals 9.5. However, since the inventory must be in a whole number so in case of “Round up” configuration, 10 quantity will be displayed and in case of “Round Down”,  9 quantity will be displayed.

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