Checking Payments on NEFT level

Checking Payments on NEFT level

Step 1:    Login to your EasyEcom account with your email address and password and then click on Sign In.

Step 2:    After logging into your account, proceed to reconciliation tab, and, then click on payments summary from the drop-down list.

Step 3:    On clicking the payments summary tab, a new page will open where you can see all the payments by selecting the date range, marketplace. By default, it will show only 10 payments on one page. To view more than 10 payments in one page, after selecting the desired date range and marketplace, click on submit and then click on the drop-down list next to show, will give you an option to view 25, 50, 75 or more payments entries.

Step 4:    These are the payments which you have received for a particular month from the marketplace; it shows the payment received from the marketplace, date of payment and MP settlement ID. The marketplace settlement ID contains all the orders which are tagged with that payment. Go ahead and click on an MP settlement reference number.

Step 5:    You will get a breakdown of that payments according to Order Item ID, Order Date, Invoice Value, Settled Value and the Total Settled Amount at the bottom. In case if you want to download this sheet in CSV format, there is a button on the top left-hand corner called “Export CSV” on clicking it, the settlement-wise report will be downloaded.

Step 6:    You can confirm these payments with your bank statement if you have received these payments. Selecting the checkbox according to the settled payment and then clicking on confirm payment on the top, will ensure that you have received the payment in your bank account, and the status of that payment will change to a green tick mark which indicates payment confirmed.

Step 7:    There is also a search bar available which helps you in searching a particular NEFT according to MP settlement ID or NEFT reference number.