B2B Order Processing

B2B Order Processing

EasyEcom enables you to seamlessly process bulk orders of multiple wholesale customers  from a single dashboard. 

In this guide, we have explained the step-by-step process for processing B2B orders. 

Step 1: In the toggle menu, navigate to “Orders >> Bulk Orders”

Step 2: Approve Order 

On the Bulk Orders section, go to the “Unapproved Orders” tab, select your order received time duration. 

Once you set your time duration, the system will show you all the details of all B2B orders (received during the defined time) that you have not started processing yet. 

To start processing an order, click on the “View Order” button. Once you click on it, “Inventory Check” pop-up will be visible on your screen. 

Here enter your inventory quantity that you are assigning to this order. Then click on the “Approve Order” button. 

Please note that the confirmed quantity can not be more than the available quantity at your warehouses. 

Once you approve an order, the confirmed quantity will be reserved for this order and the total quantity available will be reduced across sales channels. 

Step 2: Assign Order to a Warehouse

Once you have approved an order, you need to assign it to a specific warehouse from where you will fulfill it. 

In order to do that, go to the “Unassigned Orders” tab and click on “View Orders”. 

Then select a warehouse location from the drop down options.

Next you need to select the specific warehouse zone and shelf name.  If you do not have a specific location for inventory pick-up you can select the inventory type you want to ship. You can select the inventory status (available, repair, etc) from the drop-down options. 


Enter the order quantity in the “Confirm Quantity” field and click on the “Assign Order” button. 

Step 3: Pick-pack process

All your assigned orders are in the “Ready-to-Confirm” stage and visible in the “Open Orders” tab. 

You can view and/or download the picklist. This will help you easily locate the products you need to pick and bring them to the packing station. 

Once you have picked the required product quantities click on the “Order Ref Number”. 

You can now scan the necessary order items and pack them into order boxes. 

To ensure that you only pack correct inventory items in the required quantities, the system will notify whenever you scan a wrong SKU code. 

Once you have scanned and packed all items click on the “Close Box and Generate Packing Slip” button. 

Then enter the packing dimensions and Seal no.,  and click on the “Generate” button.

Order packing slip will be now downloaded in your system. 

After recording packaging dimensions, you can download the order invoice. 

To do that first click on “Generate Invoice”. 

Enter packet seal number if required, or else click on the “Skip” button. 

You can then download the invoice from the “Exports Job” section. 

Step 3: Ship Order

You can now assign the order to your logistics partner. In order to do that, go to the “Pending Shipments” tab, and select the “Add Shipping Info” option. 

You can also generate the e-way bill and e-invoice from the same tab.

Enter required Shipping details and click on “Submit”. 

Once you click on “Submit” the system will notify your carrier partner to pick the orders assigned to them. 

Then add shipping information and manually mark the order as dispatch. Once this is done, the order will be reflected in the Shipped Orders tab.

Step 4: Track Shipped Orders

From the “Shipped Orders” tab you can identify all the orders that are successfully dispatched from your customer. 

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